Monday, February 27, 2006

First post (pop)

Alright. First post.

Ghostface's Fishscale (here's the clean version if your momma's over your shoulder) has been pushed back for a minute now. Finally (Def Jam "finally") its coming out on March 28. Advance copies have been sent out (sort of, it seems), listening parties have taken place and it looks like Ghostface's crazy ass is past the point of no return.

Of course, there's still room to wiggle. The promo posters I've seen for "Fishscale" are still ghetto-ass, black-and-white big text with ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING RELEASE DATE ON IT. THE MOTHERFUCKER JUST SAYS "SPRING."

The streetz, and by "streetz" I mean the nerds on the information superhighway (is this 1998?), are saying March 28. This could change at anytime. All Music Guide still has a 3/14 drop. So only the Shadow knows, I guess. (Is this 1938?)

A recent skim of Status Ain't Hood, Tom Breihan's Village Voice blog, turned up this preview of "Fishscale." There's some... um... "interesting" observations.

"In one truly stunning moment, [Killah] talked about the album's final song, which is about being underwater, seeing mermaids and Spongebob and the necklace from Titanic, everyone eventually going to a mosque and praying. Just hearing this song is a total mindfuck; seeing Ghostface explain it is even more so. So maybe all this stuff made me like the album more than I would've otherwise, but I don't know. It's pretty fucking great."

Mr. Breihan, ladies and gentlemen. From his random descriptions of choice lines from the album, I can't tell if the critic is question was extremely high/drunk at the time of listening, or if Ghostface is actually this crazy on the album. I loved his Wu-Tang verses. Ghost usually slid in and out of my top three favorite Wu members depending on how emotional/nasal his voice got and how lyrically dextrous his shit was. GZA, Deck and RZA were my usual top three, though.

I've only heard random cuts from Killah's solo stuff from DJs, though, and I never got the chance to sit down and really listen to Pretty Toney, Ironman or anything else he did solo.

Anyone who reads Pitchfucker Media knows that "diverse" indie types love Wu-Tang. Ghostface moreso. I can feel Ghostface and get with most of what Wu-Tang is about, and I'll finally give one of his albums a solid chance.

I will not, however, be buying into the hype this album will be getting on both sides of the musical fence.

Check out "Angels" (RealAudio) with MF Doom. Decide for yourself. Oh, and ignore the promo copy overdubs. Fucking hip-hop labels.


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