Thursday, March 16, 2006

They have arrived...

I just got the new FADERs in last night, nigz. This the new hotness-- not even on newsstands yet. Hit me up if you need it in your life.

You know you do.

In other last night news:

Saw this Eugene Jarecki joint. Its coming to Miracle 5 on Friday.

In this movie you'll see: Dan Rather going all Syippie on that ass! Future President John McCain getting a rather eeriely-timed phone call! GORE VIDAL SPEAKING ON CAMERA!! Rummy's thick, luxurious '70s hair! Angry NYPD cops! And best of all: VIDEO OF EISENHOWER'S FORESHADOWING FAREWELL ADDRESS, SON!


Seriously, get your bomb-the-system on. See this movie with a quickness.

On a lighter note: American Idol's Katharine McPhee is fine as hell. If she wins, I ain't mad at her.


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