Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More proof that the Secret Machines, indeed, rule

From Brooklyn Vegan:

EC: The last time I saw you play was at Webster Hall in New York last December and who do I see but David Bowie sitting in the rafters with a shit grin on his face. I read an article that says your fans also include Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and Jason Pierce of Spiritualized. What does having fans like this do to a bands confidence?

BC: It is really good. I mean you meet these people and its like they’re just musicians like ourselves which is cool. It is nice to chat with them. But at the same time it is kind of dangerous because you don’t want to be the band who all the old guys like. I think these people obviously have great taste. It is really cool touching those people but I would rather touch the kid in the middle of Nebraska. It is more interesting for me to excite them.

See that? See what happened there? This pompous, name-dropping, snyde, smug, NYC, elitist rock critic/blogger asked this uber-hip question... and what happened? Benjamin Curtis, the Secret Machines' guitarist and co-lead vocalist, said: "I would rather touch the kid in the middle of Nebraska." This coming from a man who is from Dallas, Texas: THE SOUTH. He gives a shit about reaching out to common people through uncommon music, not just saying "yeah, I was at this event. It was awesome. I'm so cool."

It just goes to show you that even elitist, big city assholes get trumped once in a while. Exhibit B:

EC: You played in Tripping Daisy with Tim DeLaughter right?

BC: Yes... (sighing)

EC: Were you ever close to picking up a robe and joining the (Polyphonic) Spree?

BC: You know he talked to me about it before they got started. He is a really charismatic character. It is kind of his show when he works. What I was kind of interested doing at the time, well my emotional palette was a little different.

EC: I could understand that. When I first saw them perform at Coachella a few years back DeLaughter came out with the band and asked the crowd, "Isn’t the sun beautiful?" It was all a bit surreal.

BC: In my opinion the occasional dark cloud will make you appreciate the sunshine a bit more.

Jaded music lifestyle douchebag, meet the untainted force of rock 'n' roll! KA-POW!


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