Saturday, July 15, 2006

They should just change the name of LSD to 'LSyd'

My obituary of Syd Barrett which, yes I wrote for a journalism class, is below. Like you need to read another...

It borrows liberally from the wonderfully-done New York Times obit by Jon Pareles

Syd Barrett, a Founder of Pink Floyd, Dies at 60

Pink Floyd is one of the most influential, most-selling rock bands of all time. Their original lead singer and founding member, Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, died July 7 at his home in Cambridgeshire, England. He was 60.

He sung on two of the band's first records, "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and "Saucerful of Secrets," on which he wrote most of the songs. He eventually left the band due to persistent mental problems due to, what many close to him have said, experimentation with a wide array of drugs, including psychotropics such as LSD. He has spent most of his career after Pink Floyd and the release of his solo records as a recluse.

"His death was confirmed by a spokesman for his former band, Doug Wright of LD Communications," the story reads. "[He] did not give a cause. Mr. Barrett had long suffered from diabetes."

Pink Floyd's reminiscent 1975 release, "Wish You Were Here"-- their second most-notable release next to the all-time record holder for catalog sales "Dark Side of the Moon"-- was dedicated to the band's lost mate. Mr. Barrett even showed up on one of a studio session to sing background vocals on one track, "Shine On, You Crazy Diamond." It has also been said that 1973's "Dark Side," which the band has explicitly said deals with themes of "insanity," was also about Mr. Barrett's descent away from the world and away from his band mates and best friends in Pink Floyd.

Before he did, however, he made two great records, including their debut, which is indisputably held up by critics and fans as a rock 'n' roll classic.
"Pink Floyd made its debut album at Abbey Road Studios," the story reads, "as the Beatles worked on 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band' next door."
"For someone with such a brief career, Mr. Barrett has never been forgotten," the story reads. "[Musicians] have long tried to emulate his twisted craftsmanship, paying tribute in songs like Television Personalities' 'I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives.' Sir Tom Stoppard’s new play, 'Rock ’n’ Roll,' invokes him as a lost free spirit." The story also reads: "Mr. Barrett became a touchstone for experimental pop musicians.

"Mr. Barrett’s survivors include a brother, Alan, and a sister, Rosemary."


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