Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Notice to Gulf Coast rappers: 'Katrina' and 'FEMA' rhyme

From Switching gears to Hurricane Katrina...

Lil' Wayne: That's too serious man, don't bring me into that... Shout out to my people trying to bounce back from Hurricane Katrina, though. On the album, did you ever contemplate doing a whole track dedicated to the Hurricane Katrina tragedy?

Lil' Wayne: No, because I'm from New Orleans, brother. Our main focus is to move ahead and move on. You guys are not from New Orleans and keep throwing it in our face, like, "Well, how do you feel about Hurricane Katrina." I fucking feel fucked up. I have no fucking city or home to go to. My mother has no home, her people have no home, and their people have no home. Every fucking body has no home. So do I want to dedicate something to Hurricane Katrina? Yeah, tell that bitch to suck my dick. That is my dedication.

^ (Why people are feelin' Weezy right now.)

I've been asking this to myself for sometime now, and I've kept my mouth shut about it other black people (especially black, displaced New Orleanians here in the Gulf Coast) and most white people, but I'll just come straight out about it:

Why hasn't there been an all-star Katrina benefit track? Think of the possibilities: Special edition single CDs! Exclusive iTunes downloads! All the proceeds go to the Red Cross! Crunk-ass beats! Gangsta-dopeboy-trap-yet-socially-conscious rhymes! Cavalcades of dirty south rappers and producers!

  • David Banner making his most vicious, crunk shit ever on the Mississippi version! Mannie Fresh does the New Orleans version!

  • Three 6 doing a killer hook!

  • Master P and Silkk the Shocker making reference to their ongoing trial with one switch-off, Run-DMC-style verse!

  • Mystikal does a verse FROM JAIL!

  • Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul Wall on the screwed and chopped remix track!

  • Juvenile can finally say his peace about the levees.


    The possibilities are endless, son! Hopefully, some hip-hop industry types are reading this right now. Hopefully, wheels are currently turning.

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