Monday, March 20, 2006

Sneeze, cough and ya don't stop

Interesting weekend I've had.

My Thursday night - Saturday night was filled with a random, inexplicable sickness. Coughing, dripping, congestion, all those gory details-- on Sunday I felt okay short of a nagging cough and, you guessed it, CABIN FEVER.

So in the interest of getting the fuck out of my house (and in the interest of not turning this into a fucking personal emo blog), I went show hopping. It was the first time I did it in a long time. I was split between Part Chimp (who I would later poo-pooh for a more awesome Gregor Samsa on the same bill, a band that totally blindsided me with their awesomeness-- hadn't had that happen in a while).

No more than 20 feet away was a metal show featuring the likes of Baroness and Torche. Total destruction, fire, crust, hardcore-ass shit, dude. I mean, both of them totally fucking destroyed. Baroness is from Savannah, Torche (ex-Dove, Floor) from Miami. Torche, especially, is (to borrow from Mr. Ron Burgundy) "kind of a big deal." They've toured with fucking Mogwai. Both of the bands I saw play are part of a growing Southern metal movement that's been effect since Cream Bizzle and Mastodon, ya heard? Let's also not forget the dearly departed Damad, now Kylesa.

Good to be back. Look for more tomorrow.


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