Monday, July 17, 2006

This is the remix...

Actually, this is just a list of my Top 10 Singles of the '06 First Half. Checkity check it before you miss out and wreckity wreck it:

10. Panic! At the Disco - "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" -- You know what? Shut up. This is an amazing song. You probably know it as the "haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?" song, whereas 15 year-old, jailbait chicks know it as "that one song by those hot guys." Either way, this song is amazing. Emo? Meet hyper emo. My one guilty pleasure pick on this list.

9. Christina Aguilera - "Ain't No Other Man" -- Definitely a worthy successor to "Crazy in Love," as every music critic everywhere has said. Now its Xtina's turn, distilling blazing horns (Herbie Hancock, holla at your girl!) and a DJ Premier beat into what is, maybe, the pop jam of the summer, if not for that garbage "Promiscuous Girl" song. Funny how Nelly, a girl circa 2000 you thought would be singing a more daring pop song like "Ain't No Other Man," does the booty-grind dance pop jam that Xtina would've done in '03. Funny, ain't it? I just want to go on record as giving a big "fuck you" to Nelly Furtado's ever-changing, Timbaland-controlled performance persona. Nelly: Fuck you. You're as fake as Ashlee Simpson, yet people somehow believe you're more "real," or whatever. Go away, please.

8. T-Pain - "Dancefloor" -- Ok, so maybe it's just a Tally thing (which would make sense), but I cannot stop hearing T-Pain's third single off of "Rappa Ternt Sanga" around town. I'm only assuming that its played this often, or almost this often, everywhere else on "urban"-marketed radio stations. That's just me. I'm just sayin'... This song is amazing, though, I'm for serious. "I got the hat, I got the shoes, I got the outfiiit..."

7. AFI - "Miss Murder" -- You know a song that, when you first hear it, you think: "Oh my God this song is amazing! Who the hell made this!" and then you, without the cues of context or intent surrounding the content, make guesses and judgements about the song. "This sounds like an Against Me! joint!" and "What a fucking sing-a-long chorus!" or "Is this Placebo and the reunited Misfits collaborating with H.I.M.?" Well, no. It's AFI with a song I've been waiting for them to do since I first heard "The Art of Drowning." It was a good record and AFI are a decent band live and on record, and their gimmick was so their's just... They never made an anthem to solidify all that. THIS is their anthem. And it's amazing. Talking to certain people about this song, I feel a little ashamed liking it so much, after they point it out its such a pompous song, but really I don't care. It fucking rocks, and that's all there is to it.

6. T.I. - "What You Know" -- I think you're just going to have just nod in agreement with this one. There's not really much I can do to explain this... "Front Back," just released to some urban radio stations, is better (because of that UGK stank dro, son!) and "Ride Wit Me" is equally good (though that peaked lat year) are also good here, too. You just can't deny Tip right now.

5. Young Dro/Joc - "It's Goin' Down" -- Um... Where is this song NOT playing right now? Funny story: Once, on a bus, I heard a girl no older than six chanting the chorus to this song. It was cute and disturbing at the same time. Welcome to the South, playa.

4. Gnarls Barkley - "Crazy" -- You know its funny... "Crazy" was unstoppable midsummer. I couldn't do anything around anywhere and not hear it. Now, it's... well... where is it? Not a great song, but I've grown to like it a lot.

3. The Secret Machines - "Lightning Blue Eyes" -- The one great song on "Ten Silver Drops" is hopefully a sign of things to come for today's greatest American rock trio. Like the perfect combination of U2 and Rush with rollicking drums (like all that Krautrock crazyness, it's perfect for going down a road of some kind!), I've lost count on how many times I've played this song and rocked out to it.

2. Rainer Maria - "Catastrophe Keeps Us Together" -- This is MY summer jam. Definitely the best indie-rock single I'll hear all year. Rainer Maria have made the female-based U2 song that U2 could never find a chick to sing... or something. Wow, that was a really unweildy description.

1. Rick Ross - "Hustlin'" -- Ok, seriously, if you haven't heard this song, you're probably not alive. There is no other option for jam of the summer. THIS is the jam of the summer. "WHIP IT - WHIP IT - REAL HARD!"


Blogger Matt Gilmour said...

Good choices (the ones I've heard at least), and I'm very surprised you agree with me on some of the selections ("Miss Murder" is the SHIT) or even picked some of the others (Rainer Maria).

However, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd have to correct you on something like this: "It's Going Down" is by Yung Joc.

Hell hath frozen over, honky.

7/20/2006 8:43 PM  
Blogger Konflict of Interest said...

Young Dro is "Shoulder Lean." Whatever. They're really the same person.

Just you see...

7/20/2006 11:12 PM  

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