Thursday, April 27, 2006

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^Totally what I did when I got this press release in my inbox today:


April 25, 2006

For Immediate Release


Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of one of rock's most enigmatic duos JUCIFER.

“We are really looking forward to working with everyone at Relapse. It feels like everyone there is in it for the right reason - loving the hell out of music.” comments JUCIFER frontwoman Amber Valentine. She continues; “It’s cool to share a label with some bands we’ve become friends with over the years (like High on Fire, Dysrhythmia, Rwake, Mastodon, Buried Inside) and so many others we’re looking forward to meeting and touring with.”

JUCIFER’s forthcoming Relapse debut, At the Hands Of Our Intercessors, features Valentine’s trademark sultry vocals layered over colossal guitars and drums (courtesy of Edward Livengood). At the Hands Of our Intercessors will see an early Fall release via Relapse Records. Valentine explains, “We are ready! It’s been a long wait for us to get our new record out, but worth it. We’ve whipped out a few of the songs on tour already, and can’t wait to play more!”

Expect to see the nomadic duo showcasing those new songs across the United States throughout the summer.

Stay tuned to for forthcoming JUCIFER news / album release / tour information.

“Music thrives on contrast, and Jucifer -- a duo, convenient for duality -- have got it. Cute girl; grungy guy. Melody; noise. Mystery; craft. Helpless little voice; enormous waves of guitar and drums. Valentine is a guitarist with a vision. his sound projects personality” – LA Weekly

“Drummer Ed Livengood, playing like a Muppet on crank, continually draws attention as he hammers his drum kit like a flailing octopus with a flip-top head. they produce a barrage of sweltering, sludgy rock in the tradition passed from Black Sabbath to the Melvins to Kyuss. Jucifer is monolithic, from its stage packed with amps to its psychedelic snarl.” – Cleveland Scene


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