Sunday, April 23, 2006

Prominent figures and District 1 Commissioner opponents size-up the competition - News

Prominent figures and District 1 Commissioner opponents size-up the competition - News

Ok so check this.

Not my usual fare, but I figure this is something worth talking about. In the Tallahassee black community right now, or perhaps more accurately the county's first District, a great schism is about to happen. Here we have a longtime incumbent, Bill Proctor, versus a young buck, lifelong Tallahassee resident Ramon Alexander. Alexander is currently still serving out his lame duck presidency as FAMU Student Body President. Competition in a county district is not new, but district one has been dominated by Proctor for over a decade now, and seemingly he's impossible to unseat, his support is so rock solid.

However, Proctor's been making some (for the lack of a better term) "bitch moves." He voted for the coal plant in the area and his inconsistent, even erratic, part-time responsibilities at FAMU have been lacking. In my two years at FAMU, I've seen him on campus three times... and I'm a reporter. I get around campus. Proctor is not on campus as much as he probably should be. And don't get me started on the Fallschase fiasco...

I can tell you that most FAMU students I know respect the guy, but don't particularly enjoy his company. His classes, however, are still sought after. So maybe his constituents, the victims of his unabashed demagoguery, are sort of split on him. Maybe Alexander thinks he can pick up the difference and register a bunch of FAMU students for the express purpose of voting for him. He certainly has a spotless, if perhaps unexceptional, track record of leadership. I've met both men, and Alexander is definitely less a of a jerk, so maybe in a perfect world the young, ex-FAMU SB President, like Andrew Gillum some years ago, would get elected.

However, this is not a perfect world, town or black community. You have to consider the makeup of district one: a) black and b) old. Families, yes; working-to-middle class, yes; seniors, not necessarily; but traditional definitely. These people will have their hooks in Proctor (which benefits him, because they WILL re-elect him, but not before Alexander gives him a run for his money) until he decides to run for Al Lawson's seat in the State Senate, which he could probably win when the time comes.


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