Friday, June 02, 2006

Since no one else will tell you...

The Fucking Champs released their third record on Tuesday.

It's called, cleverly, "III." Since no one else I know of has reviewed it, or probably even knows about it, let me just link you to All Music Guide's review.

Better you heard it from me than from them.

On an inverse note: Juana Molina's "Son" was played in half its entirety on V89's album side at five a couple of days ago. It's as awesome as I'd thought it would be. If you wish to download a track, download "Yo No." It got released LAST Tuesday, and you need to pick it up. Especially if you dig burbiling synths (read: Stereolab-via-the-late-Mary-Hansen), smooth-as-caramel vocals, Argentina, Beth Orton, Erin McKeown or Aimee Mann. Just sayin'.


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