Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The best indie-rock open letter of all time

From Tiny Mix Tapes news:

Dear Indie Rock Boys of the World,

We know that tight jeans and faded T-shirts are the height of fashion for all hip twenty-somethings these days. Similarly, we understand that it just isn't cool to smile or chat or otherwise interact with your audience. It goes without saying that goofy dancing is certainly unwelcome. With all due respect, we'd like to suggest that you reconsider these precepts for the following compelling reasons:

1. There is nothing better than matching costumes. Anyone who denies this fact has either no sense of humor or no soul, probably both. Sometimes our entire band wears outfits knitted from multicolored yarn. Pants, shirts, dresses, the whole deal. And though it may get a little toasty onstage, I know you'll agree that we look totally hot. (For more on matching costumes, see also: Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed)

2. Performing is fun. If you don't think so, get off the goddamn stage. Your audience is presumably there because they're into you. I know it's hard, but we recommend cracking a smile at least once during a performance.

3. Some music is good for dancing. Some isn't. Ours is, and the only thing better than matching costumes is DANCING in matching costumes.

We hope that, since we represent a form of music (sometimes known as "experimental rock") that happens to receive a lot of credit in the world of boy-rock, you will consider our proposed revisions to the Indie Rock Constitution. Because hey, if you put on a cute ensemble and shake that skinny ass a bit, you may even get laid.

Erase Errata

cc: The Gossip


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Hey... someone had to say it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

8/12/2006 11:59 AM  

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