Sunday, July 23, 2006


THIS is how the greatest American drama of all time was originally concieved?! That sonofabitch...

One of the best "West Wing" reflections I'll ever read, even better than Gerald Ensley's commentary on the series' end (which you can't access online for free anymore, damnit), is this Miami Herald peice by Connie Ogle. She says so much with so few words, when I've used so many more, in a much clumsier fashion about this show.

By the way, want to venture into something really terrifying, or at least kind of disconcerting? Even I'm not this crazy about "The West Wing." There's "West Wing" fan fiction now! It EXISTS! While there's no way it can stand up to the actual show, or capture the voices of some of the characters perfectly, some of it is written pretty darn well, or at least intellegently.

And, yes, I did read some, and, no, I won't link to what I have read, because its shameful enough just to admit that I've read some in the first place.


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