Friday, July 21, 2006

An e-mail from the Tallahassee Cultural Resources Commission

Yes, Tallahassee has a Cultural Resources Commission. If you think that seems inessential, it won't after you read this e-mail... or at least until the possibilities of this e-mail are fulfilled.

Addendum: CRC Weekly Email Blast for July 21, 2006

(A service of the Cultural Resources Commission)


On Tuesday, August 22 at 6:00 p.m. the Leon County Commission is holding a public hearing on the addition of a fifth-penny bed tax for the Performing Arts Center, offering members of the public a chance to voice their opinions. The Performing Arts Center project has asked us to be sure the cultural community is informed of this opportunity to come and be counted. They have told us they are aware that the hotel industry is planning on attending in large numbers to be sure they are heard. Project leaders would like to see those who will be most directly affected by the presence of a new performing arts facility— you, the artists and audiences— attend in large numbers as well, perhaps in costume, or with instruments in hand. This Public Hearing will be held in the Leon County Courthouse, Board of County Commissioners Chambers.

Clint LeMoyne Riley
Cultural Resources Commission
2222 Old St. Augustine Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 224-2500
If you're around, you should attend this meeting. For serious.


Blogger Matt Gilmour said...

As long as nothing conflicts with my schedule, I'll go with you. You'll just have to remind me.

7/22/2006 11:04 AM  
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