Thursday, July 27, 2006

Recent music news, upcoming releases: the uselessness of it all

  • "Dismemberer-turned-Hellfire Travis Morrison proved that a stupid zero for his solo outing couldn't stop him from doing what he does better than Pitchfork does what it does." Damn straight, Mr. Christgau.

  • Stream this and prepare yourself. Face? Meet Rock. Rock? Meet Face.

  • I love it when the Mars Volta is about to release a record, and they give their reasoning and thoughts about/around it to the press straight raw and undiluted and stuff like this comes out. These guys are fucked up and brilliant. Like most bands talking about a record, they don't bother talking about its content and trying to describe it. They just talk about context and subtext. I like that! This article made me check out season one of "Night Gallery," which I've been meaning to see for a while, from my local library.

  • Sparklehorse going in a pop direction for the new record? Thank God. I had great expectations and got disappointed, mainly by the sparse instrumentation and weirdo vocals, by "Good Morning, Spider". Maybe this record (the title is way too long, so I'll just link) will hit me in a better place.

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