Wednesday, July 26, 2006

American Apparel is the devil!

I just spent way too long looking at boobs at American Apparel's website. To be fair, to prove that I'm not entirely a gawking, navel-gazing (literally!) pervert...

I was also checking out these nubile young hipster girl's asses, too. Less perverted.

I recently got into a discussion re: how when you visit P4K, the AA banners seriously look like porn, therefore making P4K and all indie music sites (Stereogum, Pop Matters, etc.-- most of whom carry some sort of AA banner) partially illicit, asocial porn. Many a-time a woman has looked over my shoulder, when I'm reading innocently about music geekery on a public computer, and accused me of looking at porn. The "P" word, of course, makes everyone within an earshot prarie dog up from their sonambulist, glowing-monitor world of MySpace or online games.

"Music geeks aren't interested in sex," I mean to say to these women while looking them in the eye, but instead just stammer something reassuring, informative, sarcastic and hopefully witty with the word "no" in it. "We love the idea of it," I mean to say, "and we'll get the rare chance to indulge every once in a while, but overall its not something we inconvenience ourselves to do."

In a word, "no."

Then I want to ask them: "Why do women think men are looking at porn all the time?" And even if we are sometimes, so the fuck what?

This is all American Apparel's fault. Damn you American Apparel! Do not turn my thoughts to wanderlust!


Blogger Scott said...

Oh, evil American Apparel girls. Erica's my favorite...

7/26/2006 6:30 PM  
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