Thursday, August 03, 2006

More evidence that Greg Dulli is, in fact, a bad ass.

From Billboard:

In the wake of escalating violence between Israel and Lebanon, the Twilight Singers plan to honor an Aug. 30 booking in Tel Aviv. The show will be the Greg Dulli-led band's first in Israel and comes as part of a 22-city international tour.

"While I am saddened by the loss of life and property on both sides, my belief in freedom, democracy and the peaceful existence of the state of Israel remains steadfast," Dulli wrote on the band's Web site. "To this end, the Twilight Singers show in Tel Aviv on Aug. 30 will go on as scheduled. We look forward to performing our songs for an audience who has yet to see us in their own country and hope to be visiting in a time of peace."
"A war of epic proportions with missles lobbed at me? Bitch please, I survived KATRINA, son! NOTHING KEEPS ME FROM MY ROCK AND ROLL!!!"

Is Greg Dulli, like, trying to become my messiah? Like, consciously?


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