Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tidbits-- just tidbits

Ok, so I'm on spring break and I don't really want to blog that much. Big deal. Here are some random bites to tide you over:

  • One of the best mashups I've heard in a while, this guy mashes up The Doors and Blondie together, among other artists. He even got said track, "Rapture Riders," as a bonus track on Blondie's latest "Greatest Hits" record.

  • For some inexplicable reason, I have had Rilo Kiley's "Portions for Foxes" stuck in my head. Now don't get it twisted; I am neither a chick nor a gay dude, but over the past couple of months I've completely warmed up to most of Rilo Kiley's discography (especially "Takeoffs and Landings") and luscious FADER cover girl Jenny Lewis' newest non-secular, less-alt-more-country record.

    Quick note: Jenny Lewis is even cuter in concert. The FADER photo above (shout out to Tierney Gearon for the great picture) doesn't quite do her looks justice.

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